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This series just began…

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°All humanity and God are One. Everything created is connected to each other.

°Increasing awareness Continue reading This series just began…


The Past

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Ignorance they say is no excuse. personally I’ve come to understand this wise saying is true, and will always be. Often at times we unknowingly put ourselves in struggle Forgetting that we used our hands to entangle ourselves. People commit suicide, steal, kill, fight, get involved in all sort of vices, all in a bid to satisfy something. This very thing gives them a push, strength, adrenaline, power, but restricts there ability to think about what they are about doing. Continue reading The Past

Silence is Golden?


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GREAT Sages from all ages have been known for their silence. “He who knows does not speak,” said Lao Tzu, “And he who speaks does not know.”

There might more wisdom in this saying than most people have guessed. In experiments, speaking raises blood pressure and listening lowers it. And it’s not just because you’re making sounds. Reading aloud alone does not raise blood pressure, but reading aloud to someone does. Continue reading Silence is Golden?

Nigeria Think!

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The Holy book is ever true, when it said “For a son dishonours his Father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter in law against her mother in law- a man’s enemies are the members of his house hold. Micah 7:6.

For the benefit of understanding let me explain one keyword in that phrase (household). It means all persons living in a house; a family including attendants and servants. That is, Every one belonging to the same house. If I were to rephrase that statement, it would be, “a man’s enemy are the people in his house (family)” my main focus on writing this is about my country Nigeria. If you’re from another country, I guess the truth in this applies to yours too. Continue reading Nigeria Think!