Heather Morris Gets DWTS Boot, Twitter Gets Very Angry

Nope, that was not a Best Picture moment on Dancing with the Stars last night.

The wrong named was not called out. Heather Morris really was eliminated from the competition, despite having achieved a perfect score just minutes earlier.


That’s what social media is asking in the wake of this shocker, as documented in the following collection of Tweets…

1. WTH???

Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy did the Rumba to “Waterfalls” by TLC, garnered the first 40/40 of the season… and then got sent home.


This Tweet sums up how Twitter in general felt about the outcome.

3. Please Explain

Please explain
Might there have been backlash because Morris was overly qualified?

4. North Korea is Running Nuclear Tests?

North korea is running nuclear tests
Whatever. This is proof that the world really is in a precarious position.

5. Peace Out!

Peace out
Don’t worry, Heather. You’re not alone.

6. The Baseball Guy is Still There?

The baseball guy is still there
Voters, please. This is a travesty.

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