The Past

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Ignorance they say is no excuse. personally I’ve come to understand this wise saying is true, and will always be. Often at times we unknowingly put ourselves in struggle Forgetting that we used our hands to entangle ourselves. People commit suicide, steal, kill, fight, get involved in all sort of vices, all in a bid to satisfy something. This very thing gives them a push, strength, adrenaline, power, but restricts there ability to think about what they are about doing.

When the did has been done, they bow they heads in regret.the sad part is, the milk has already been spilt. Funny enough, nature has its way of balancing things in other to ensure continuous existence.
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Past is the name given to a thing that has been done. Am sure you definitely have a past. The past am talking about is your “already accomplished” success, failures, mistakes. e.t.c using the word “already accomplished” means things you have passed through. Some of us have mistakes, failures, success that has kept us were we are up to date. What ever you have passed through is already gone.

That stage has been passed. there is no need remembering the pain or hurt. it keeps you in one spot. probably your unable to pass that exam, lost your job, got raped, or whatever. its all gone! So many crimes we here everyday is majorly because someone did not let go of his/her past.

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if you focus on your past you blur the sight of your future. The past is only a story to be told, not an assignment to be worked on.

Encyclopedia call it history, in other words it means saying Hi-to your story (Hi-story). You have the ability to sculpt yourself into what you want. Forget your past, focus on your future #better things ahead


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