Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell Discuss Their Real-Life Romance

Matthew Rhys, Keri Russell, Watch What Happens Live

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell didn’t experience love at first sight.

The couple, who also star on The Americans together, met 10 years before working together, but Rhys might have some regrets about how he first try to get Russell’s attention.

“We actually met a very long long time ago,” he confessed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing, so I sort of knew then when I was 26.”

While sipping beers on the late-night show, Rhys and Russell continued to tell their love saga. The Welsh actor admitted the entire exchange took place in a parking lot, which he jokingly described as “very romantic.”

“She asked me to open a beer after a kickball party,” he added. Ten years later, they re-met on set of their critically acclaimed FX show.

“We did all the readings together and all the things, and after a heavy dose of fight training, all sweaty, at lunch, you said, ‘Oh, you know we’ve met before,'” the 41-year-old actress recalled. “I said, ‘No we haven’t,’ and you said, ‘Yeah, we’ve met before, like 10 years ago at kickball.’ As soon as he said that, I knew exactly what [happened] and I opened my eyes, like, ‘Oh! Of course I remember that.'”

Rhys left her a “drunken voicemail,” but Russell didn’t call him back.

“You were that buffoon that wouldn’t stop calling,” she joked.

Now, the happy couple has a baby boy named Sam.

Love happens when you least expect it—like at a kickball party.

(E! and Bravo are both members of the NBCUniversal family.)


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