Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Fast Food Guide Will Have You Rethinking Everything in the Drive

Gwyneth Paltrow

Way to take the fun out of fast food, Gwyneth Paltrow.

With summer quickly approaching, the smart folks at Goop have released their official fast food guide that is described as a compilation of recommended orders and menu hacks.

At the same time, the site also reveals the chains where it’s best to just order the fries if you have to pay a visit.

Before we get to the hardest critiques, can we start on a good note with the chains that have “clean-ish options?”

Wendy’s got rave reviews for their Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad while Chipotle’s Salad Bowl with brown rice, veggies and black beans will leave you “good to go.”

For some pro tips—that are way easier said than done—Goop suggests Panda Express visitors to ditch the sauce to the chicken. And when you visit McDonald’s, always go for a side of apple slices.But what if we love the salty fries, Gwyneth?!

According to Goop, some fast food chains including KFC, Arby’s and Dunkin’ Donuts offer very few clean-ish options. And when it comes to Dairy Queen, your best bet is the 50-calorie fudge bar.

We know, it’s a tough guide. But you didn’t expect McFlurries and Whoppers to be on the good list, right?

If it’s any consolation, Gwyneth knows that you have to let loose some times. In an article she penned for The Telegraph back in 2013, the actress not only admitted to occasionally cheating on her diet. She also encouraged others to do the same.”Stay away from processed foods, though cutting them out completely is no fun and can ultimately lead to a binge,” Gwyneth wrote in her column. “Allow yourself programmed treats—I often have a glass of red wine in the evening and smoke a cigarette on a Saturday.”

“I love those moments because they are just the right amount of naughty,” she added. “That balance keeps you vibrant. You have to live your life, after all.”

So we’re okay with that medium French fries order tonight? Thanks Goop!


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