Nigeria Think!

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The Holy book is ever true, when it said “For a son dishonours his Father, a daughter rises up against her mother, a daughter in law against her mother in law- a man’s enemies are the members of his house hold. Micah 7:6.

For the benefit of understanding let me explain one keyword in that phrase (household). It means all persons living in a house; a family including attendants and servants. That is, Every one belonging to the same house. If I were to rephrase that statement, it would be, “a man’s enemy are the people in his house (family)” my main focus on writing this is about my country Nigeria. If you’re from another country, I guess the truth in this applies to yours too.


Nigeria is a house, and we (Nigerians) all live in it. Can anyone continue using his/her teeth to bit their tongue, knowing fully well its bleeding? If the teeth feels its punishing the tongue, it’s actually punishing its self because it will have to do more of the chewing, now the tongue can’t function properly.

Nigeria what has come over you! We fight each other happily, not knowing we are punishing ourselves. OK. Have you ever heard of a foreigner, planning an attack on Nigeria? If you have, examine that attack very well, a Nigerian is behind it.

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For those people that think that Nigerians are Evil, permit me to change your perspective of thinking. We are one of the best people you could ever meet on this Earth. We are trustful people. But why cant you see this in us?

The Evil, corrupt, selfish people we call leaders are the primary reason for all this. You will agree with me that in every gathering there must be an evil opposition. Its not like other countries doing well don’t have this oppositions, but they don’t place them in authorities. Don’t get me wrong, not all leaders in Nigeria are corrupt. But we Nigerians have placed a few Evil doers in position.

The “Nigeria” am talking about, is every person that is connected to its house. That is everyone directly or indirectly born of a Nigerian. We continue placing Evil people in authority to rule, and later suffer it.


I don’t blame the military, or any other force agency for some of there bad act, but I blame the one authorizing them. These men (military), understand what they are doing might be evil, but have no option because some of their families are being threatened.


The so called leaders Place ban on importation of foreign goods, instead of empowering local goods to be as good as international ones. Yet they secretly purchase and make use of foreign goods. Depriving other people from enjoying what there money can pay for.

Although, some times the force agency over do what they were instructed to do, but they wouldn’t have done it in the first place, If a demon calling himself as a leader had not instructed them. We should stop deceiving ourselves, saying change begins with every individual. To some little extent its true but truth is, if the root is good, the branches will. Why? Because they are connected. Total Change begins from the top. A branch cannot change its self because it’s connected and being feed by the root.


No matter who you are, ones you’re born of a family, you are connected. Nigeria is a family. What ever flows from the top, flows down to the bottom. If corruption flows from people in power, why shouldn’t that little retailer in the market be corrupt. If we want goodness, place good people at the top and like magic it flows down, and every one becomes good.

Innocent lives have been lost (cannot be replaced), bright future generations buried all because of a few demons calling themselves leaders.

Nigerians are good, we are patient, kind, fair and passionate. Our hearts are pure but being blinded by a few people in position. Nigeria you can break that chain. #ChangetheRoots,Changethepeople. Pls share this.


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