Peugeot Instinct concept car, set to star at Geneva 2017, leaks..


Pictures of the Peugeot Instinct concept appeared on the official Geneva Motor Show website but were quickly removed

Peugeot’s Geneva Motor Show concept car has been uncovered ahead of time in a leak that appears to have originated on the official Geneva Motor Show website.

The images of the concept car that the site named as the Peugeot Instinct were quickly taken down but not before they were copied and republished on the Worldscoop forum and other sites.

The Peugeot Instinct concept takes a dynamic hatchback or shooting brake shape with powerful rear haunches encasing large 5-spoke alloy wheels. The flanks reveal no trace of any door handles and conventional wing mirrors appear to have been swapped for cameras mounted on thin stalks. Below, huge side skirts give a track car edge to the design. 

Moving forward we reach the slim main headlights, the trailing edges of which send shafts of LED lighting down to the base of the car’s nose. The front end forms the shape of a familiar Peugeot grille but the absence of obvious cooling intakes suggests an electric powertrain for the Instinct concept.

No other details are known at this stage but we’ll be able to bring you the full story on the Peugeot Instinct ahead of the official reveal at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7th.


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