MTV Video Music Awards, Paula Patton, Robin Thicke

Paula Patton‘s legal team is dropping allegations against Robin Thicke ahead of a scheduled hearing.
The actress claims that her ex “willfully, intentionally, and wrongfully changed/fabricated a court order specifying custodial timeshare of the couple’s minor child.”In addition, Paula alleges that Robin “threatened petitioner with the filing of a kidnapping report to law enforcement premised upon a falsified court order.”

Furthermore, a separate allegation claims Robin and his attorneys/agents “interfered with and attempted to influence the outcome of a pending DCFS investigation.” According to Paula, Robin took a DCFS case worker out for an expensive sushi dinner while DCFS was actively investigating their family’s situation.

According to a source, Robin and his son had two monitors with them during their entire visit that included a trip to the park to play basketball. His son Julian wanted sushi so they traveled to Nobu in Malibu.

“Everything went well and was fine,” a source shared with E! News who said both monitors ordered only water at the restaurant. “They just observed their visit.”
At the end of the month, a judge granted temporary sole custody to Paula and issued a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Robin, which orders him to stay away from her, their son and her mother.
After the development, Robin’s attorney claimed Paula was “attempting to throw anything at [Robin] to hurt him, but Robin’s focus is their son. The court issued temporary orders today based solely on paperwork.”As for today’s allegations, Paula’s team appears ready to bring evidence that will back up the various claims.”The filing speaks for itself,” a separate source shared with E! News. “We’re detailed in our allegations. We’re not making accusations that we can’t back up with facts and we’ll make our case in court.”


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