As the saying goes, just as our faces are different, so are our thoughts. No two person can have the same way of living. Our creator didn’t make a mistake when he created you. He knew that if all of us had the same character, life wouldn’t be worth living. It would have been boring.

But the good news here is, we are different. We talk

different, walk different, and act different. That alone, makes life interesting. Why? The simple answer to this is, we tend to see different behaviours, how to live and accommodate them, within our environment. That’s enough work to keep us living!.

Have you ever wondered why psychology still exists till date. There are so many behaviours existing, that still needs to be studied. For the benefit of understanding, let’s see the definition of psychology. “Psychology is the study of human mind and behaviour”.

Can you see how unique you are, that it takes years and it still takes years to understand (study) how you do things (behave). Don’t be bothered when someone dislikes you, or doesn’t want to see you. Reason is because, you are so unique its still difficult for them to understand and follow your personality. Its just like a man who has been used to driving cars with keys, and he enters a remote keyless car. What he does is to come out of the car, shut the door and ask for a car with a car key!. 

He doesn’t understand that remote keyless cars are better and easy to use. The same applies in your life. You are so good, wonderful, and easy to be with, that only those who are good like you, can understand how you work. You are custom-made. No one can have the same style with you!

#You are unique, keep improving on your uniqueness, be custom-made.


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