If you can’t push out your Dream, you Die with it. Pregnancy is a mandatory thing that must happen, in other for development to take place.
Animals get pregnant, trees get pregnant with seeds, humans on a medical side get pregnant too. (Babies). But do you know, that right now irrespective of your gender, you’re pregnant. Yes you’re right only females have the ability to give birth. For the benefit of doubt I’ll explain how pregnancy (generally) works.

To be pregnant, 2 or more things must be mutually joined to each other to form ‘a’ thing. In humans, the sperm and egg join to form zygote, in plants, the fruit and other nutrient join to form a seed. The seed (zygote) has the ability to produce thousands of its kind.

It’s unborn, not yet delivered but still existing. In its seed state its undeveloped and not fit to stand on its own. A seed may be inactive but living

When a woman is pregnant, and doesn’t take precaution on how to nurture her unborn baby, and push during delivery. She dies with the baby.

Our Creator has mutually joined things to form a seed in You. That seed is your dream. It needs to be nurtured. One striking thing about it is, when you don’t push it out, you die with it

A woman goes through pain when pregnant and during delivery. But she sees the joy of having her baby more important than the pain she’s experiencing. So she keeps on pushing till the baby comes out. She doesn’t stop pushing until the baby comes out

Keep on nurturing your dream. When  its time to deliver, ( show what you can have) don’t stop pushing till your dream is fulfilled.

A dream has two stages, the nurturing and the delivery stage. When you recognise your dream, and develop it, your at the nurturing stage. This stage is very important, as it determines how your dream will look like (Enjoy able or not). Nature has its way of timing delivery. When it’s time to do what is necessary in other for your dream to be accomplished, you have to push (resilient). Always look at the joy of having your dream accomplished more than your current situation.

#Have a dream, nurture it, push it out


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