The In-built coin


Everything you desire is inside of you. Exercise it and it will pop out like developing muscles. Your gift is not for you. Its for others. The reason why people establish restaurants is not for them to enjoy the food and services alone, but to satisfy the hunger of other people.


Henry ford didn’t start Ford Motor Company so he would be the only man riding around the city with his cars. He did it so others can move around with cars (enjoy it) too. The same applies to your gift. It wasn’t given to you to enjoy alone. It’s for the benefit of others.


If you’re wonderful at cooking, don’t cook for your self alone. Start up a company, so others can gain from it. Remember the main reason you were given that gift is for others benefit. By benefit, I mean adding colour/value to someones life. So many people depend on your gift to live, just as you do to someone else.

OK let’s take for example, a man has eaten different types of meal and sees no excitement in them. In his mind he has started loosing the colour/sweetness of eating food. But here you are with something different from what he eats. You’ve added spice/value to his life. He will want eating more. That alone makes you the person sort for every time. This also applies to various gift.


You might want to ask what is this gift? In a simple defination , it’s that positive in-built ability that you can do easily without being forced to. It gives a sense of satisfaction. Others may try to read about it, but somehow you just know how to do it. You love to talk about it, see others do it, and like to perform better at it. That’s your gift!

A piece of advice, staying around people that have similar gifts improves yours. Try to stay away from people that make your gift look worthless.

#Discover & Develop your gift, Give value to others, Bring back value to yourself


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