The mind


Everyday we think, imagine, take actions, and make decisions. All these,  coupled together gives us what we refer to as “our day“. You would want to believe with me that the way we think, is the way we live. We humans, posses a vital tool that no other creature on this planet do. We may have legs, hands, sex, like other creatures but highly different. Artificial intelligence desire it, but can’t.

The minds is like a company, where operations take place or a manufacturing plant, where production occurs. Operations like thinking, perception, reasoning are what goes on in our minds. It holds the power of imagination, recognition, and appreciation. It’s responsible for feeling and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions. What ever goes into your mind happens. Making this more practical, examine this. Have you ever thought of eating fruit salad and eventually got it? Or imagined entering the office early enough, and you did? Knowingly or not, all those where as a result of your mind in action.


Your mind has the ability to create both good and bad. It has an unexplainable power to create, pulldown and transform. Now it’s known that your mind is the centre of creation, it means you can tranform your life into the way you want it.

You have the ability to create and teardown anything in your life now. Imagine what you want consistently and boom,  you have it. Unknowingly you start doing things that result into your desire. It only starts with a thought. It’s like getting married. In that creation process, you start considering a lady/man, get into a relationship and eventually get married.

The holy book says; Above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything you do. prvb 4:23 NLT

Don’t border about how some things will be done. The power of the mind takes care of that. Just input a thought consistently into your manufacturing company (the mind) and see the results.

#persistent imagination, take action, enjoy the results.


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