One may ask why does the Government put ban on counterfeit products. Well the simple answer is because they are fake! (Harmful). Attributes that come with counterfeit are: causes pain, less valuable, very cheap.

Am sorry to say, that’s exactly how you are when you try to copy or be like someone. When You imitate their life style, you live their life. Coping someone rips you of your original nature. The person you are trying to copy decided to maintain his original status. If you don’t like your original self, change it to the way it will be pleasant to you. In your dressing, speech, lifestyle be original, be you!

Having a mentor is good. But often people make the mistake of wanting to be like their mentor. The reason you have a mentor is to learn from him, and add what has been learnt to your original nature. I mean learning from his failures, success, disadvantages, advantages, and applying it in your life. Remember if God wanted you to be a copy, there would be no need creating a fantastic, amazing, wonderful creation like you.

You are original. Don’t waste your time copying.

#be self confident, be original, be you


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