No matter how down, upset, betrayed, you are never relent. Yes the situation you are might be shameful, and you think of taking your life. People that had trust and hope in you might be disappointed. But you know what, don’t give up. Continue pushing, it’s a stage of life. Rise up from that shameful situation, think of what you can do and do it. Every famous person seen today once passed though it and now are celebrated stars.


There is something within you that only you can do best. No matter how others try to do it, it’s easier for you. Find out that positive thing, improve on it, and make your self a star. Its your life, so don’t care about what others will say. They will still be the one to congratulate you when you succeed.

Don’t ever think of running away, committing suicide, or going through bad paths. Face it with a dream within, and come out shining.


#rise up, do what you do best, be the best


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