Slow poison


Often times we wonder why some certain things happen, why some people behave the way they do. Talking from a clear angle it’s all because of this menace, “slow poison”. It makes life unenjoyable. It kills ! It’s one of the major cause of disagreement in the world today. This slow poison saps the joy, peace, and hope out of people and leaves them with hatred. Funny enough this slow poison is naturally inbuilt.

Unforgiveness has left people joyless and some lifeless. This has been the slow poison affecting our fore fathers from time past, till date. Every human being has a tendency to make a mistake. I have and am sure you have too. These mistake we’ve made had caused some sort of pain in the lives of people.


When you are hurt it stimulates pain, anger, resentment. The continuous stimulation of this pain leads to the activation of unforgiveness. By default we are meant to get angry when something or someone hurts us. Either by words, action or lifestyle. Getting angry only shows people that what has been done shouldn’t be repeated. Its a natural thing that directs us on how to live peacefully with each other.

Unforgiveness acts when you are unwilling to let go the anger and resentment after being hurt. It continually stirs up that pain, as though the person kept on hurting you. This leaves you in a bad and unhappy state. You live life unjoyful, as though every one offended you.

Evil thought start evolving as a result of unforgiveness. This makes people lose there lifes at the end. Am sure you must have heard this saying “forgive and forget”. This actually means forgive and forget the anger attached to the situation. Its normal to remember the incident that got you angry but forget the anger attached with it.


Unforgiveness can be resolved in so many ways. One of which is by looking for that good thing that makes you happy and doing it. If its golf that makes you happy, or music, or swimming, do it when ever you feel upset or angry.

If you offended someone, walk up to the person and say am sorry. It heals

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you – lewis.B.smedes

#forgive, forget, Be happy


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