Couple married for 40 years Amazing!

It gives us joy when we see couples that have withstood the test of time to still remain married despite the high level of divorce rate in the country.Mr and Mrs Okoye are one of such couples.

This couple have been married for 40 years! Read their amazing story

Mr and Mrs Okoye have been married for 40 years

They have been married for 40 years and their marriage is blessed with 8 children and 12 grandchildren.

In this touching message sent to blogger Linda Ikeji, their daughter Chiazor shared a bit of their story.

See it below:

This couple have been married for 40 years! Read their amazing story

“My parents’marriage was 40 years on 12th December 2016.I look at these two(my parents) and I am convinced marriage is truly beautiful when it’s built on friendship and Christ it’s stronghold .

I don’t know how they met, I’ve never asked(it’s only Uche Okoye Obi that asks such questions lol) but their meeting is the best thing that happened to me.Yea, the best thing cos it amazes me how they compliment each other perfectly; dad’s weaknesses are mum’s strengths and vice versa.


The family has grown over the years. 2003 Oguchi Paul joined as the first inlaw, 2009 Onyekachi Irokwe and Mercy Chioma Umezuluike-Okoye joined.These individuals spiced up the family with their awesomeness.The blessing never do oo fast forward to 2012 Ndubuisi Obi joined then our latest addition Chinyere Oranekwulu Okoye. I really can’t comprehend how God made this happen cos they blend perfectly. It’s remaining Okoye Chiazor Marilyn Too to complete the family(na only me remain oo ).

The granchildren are 12 for now, yes more are coming.

This is God’s words for his children, my father is living Psalm 128 to its fullest.

I have learnt alot from this marriage; my parents still bath together, eat together, sleep on the same bed and have always had one room (how can you do all these and still keep malice, odiro possible). They have had their fights definitely but the sun never goes down on their fight.

This couple have been married for 40 years! Read their amazing story

Mr and Mrs Okoye and their grandchildren

Thanks daddy for teaching my brothers how to love a woman and family values. Thanks mummy for teaching me and my sisters to love your man and be there for him through thick and thin, be his backbone and strength in times of weakness. Thanks dear parents for teaching us to love, trust and serve God.

Thank you Almighty father for being the strength of our family.

My family is my greatest blessing and every time spent with them is priceless.

I love you all.”


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