Change is constant for those who desire it. The fact is that change is a constant law, but the ability to use this law makes the difference. Just as the climate changes, so does everything in the Earth. But here is the striking thing about change: it happens to does who want it.

For time and the world  do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the Future – John F. Kennedy

Now am not talking about the Earthly law of change(sunrise, sunset, Earth revolving, seed sowing and reaping) but the human change. That change that rates us as human beings e.g. Money, Cars, wisdom, House, Education. Knowing that your situation can change, doesn’t only solve the problem but when it’s applied with constant development causes a total change.


One thing about Life is, every little effort/development put into a thing stores as an upgrade. When I say constant development, I mean you being persistent. Though you experience temptations to give up, constantly reminding yourself that it can be done, pushes you harder and changes everything. If you constantly develop your self,you will get to what ever level you desire. Otherwise, stopping at a particular effort will limit your level of change

If people around the World could change their life to the way they wanted it, you can do the same. It’s not late and it has never been late only when you say it is. Start developing your life now and change your life into a dream come true. Remember you can be the Latest !

#see, believe, constant development


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