Who is this One?


This phrase is normally used by most people. It has added & subtracted from the lives of so many people. Some use this phrase for several purpose, but its been widely used by people to esteem themselves higher than others. Well pride is one of the major foundations of this phrase. The word pride has several meaning, both for the positive and negative side. Starting with the positive side, it means being satisfied about oneself, someone, or something that has been highly honoured & so on. On the other side, it means arrogance, disdainful behaviour, or haughty bearing.


Raising up ones shoulder all the time (arrogance, lordiness, assumption) not only makes you arrogant, but scares people from you. It’s OK that at some situations, you esteem oneself over another. Well that’s a whole new topic. Being arrogant all the time totally sends a bad signal to others. As it’s internationally known that humility is the opposite of pride

 humble enough to know I’m not better than anybody and wise enough to know I’m different from the rest – anonymous


For the benefit of doubt, humility can be defined as the characteristic of being humble.(Unassuming, thinking lowly of oneself, modest) some people might misinterpret “thinking lowly of oneself ” as having a low self-esteem but here’s the difference. Thinking lowly of oneself means thinking of your self low, while having a low self-esteem indicates that you think low of oneself.

Talent is God given. Be humble

Fame is man-made. Be grateful

Conceit is self-given. Be careful – John wooden

Instead of being proud, why not choose to be humble. Yes in some cases people don’t know they’re arrogant until told so. But self contiously descipline yourself to be humble.


I am very humble, and I’m very gracious and very grateful for everything that happens to me, about me, and around me – lil wayne


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